Privacy and Data Protection Audit Foundation Course

Explore the basics, evolution and fundamental aspect of privacy and data protection transformation program.
Explore the application of the NITDA data protection regulation, risk assessment and implementation program.


The course is designed for those who have good understanding of NITDA data protection audit procedure looking to implement and remedy gaps discovered during initial assessment.


Participants will gain an understanding of: key concepts of privacy and data protection, how to develop policies and schedules, conducting a data protection implementation and transformation program.



1 day

IAPP Data Protection

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who uses, processes and maintains personal data;
  • Data Protection Officers;
  • Data Protection Lawyers;
  • Record Managers;
  • Information Officers;
  • Compliance Officers;
  • Human Resource Officers.

Privacy and Data Protection Implementation Foundation Course

Course outline

Data controller and processor

Defining the roles, obligations and relationship of controllers and processors

Data protection policy and frameworks

How to develop policy and framework

Implementing framework

Policy fundamentals, awareness and training

Nigeria and global legal landscape for dataprotection

NDPR, GDPR, Convention 108+

Other sector-specific laws

Privacy & Data Protection Implementation

Updating privacy notice

Contract & Agreement Updates

Policy & Documentation

Data Retention Policy & Schedule

Breach Notification Register

Record of Processing Activities

Review of policies, standards & Schedules. E.t.c

Designing Governance Model

Documenting roles & responsibilities of data protection function

Developing and implementing strategy to address compliance gaps

Recommendation and Final Report