Privacy and Data Protection Hub

Data drives our digital economy, and with an increasing number of privacy legislations across the world, businesses are required to comply with various privacy regulations. Developing a global compliant approach is fast becoming a survival strategy and requirement for businesses seeking global competitive advantage. Our aim is to provide new and existing clients with subject matter expertise, advice and guidance, meaningful risk assessment and information governance solutions. At Tech Hive, we are your technology and business advisory ally.

Our team is experienced, and advises clients across different industries on international data protection framework and privacy risk management. Our team members have contributed to international whitepapers, guides, and research, and have submitted expert reports on aspects of privacy and data protection in Nigeria. Our team members have reviewed and made policy recommendations to draft legislations on the aspect of privacy and data protection. We have mapped laws, regulations, and guidelines on privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity in Nigeria.


The hub undertakes the following services:

  • Implementation of data protection compliance (NDPR & GDPR);
  • Conducting and filing of statutory data protection audit report;
  • Advising on international data transfer and exploitation;
  • Assessing current privacy and data security policies, and procedures;
  • Assisting organisations to develop policies on different aspect of their privacy and data protection program;
  • Data Protection Officer as-a-service;
  • Advising on data controller and data processor obligations;
  • Advising on data breach readiness, incident response plan, notification and risk management;
  • Reviewing and drafting of privacy policy, notices, procedures, guidelines and internal governance policies


  • Privacy and data protection transformation program;
  • Advising on privacy and cybersecurity compliance and audits;
  • Advising on data protection aspect of merger and acquisition, joint venture and other complex commercial arrangements;
  • Advising on subject access request and freedom of information requests;
  • Research, policy advisory and analysis, inquiry and investigations bordering on privacy, cybersecurity, and internet policy;
  • Legislative tracking and regular policy, guideline and regulations update; and
  • Facilitation of trainings and capacity development for both private and public entities.

We are a licensed DPCO


A Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO) is any entity duly licensed by NITDA for the purpose of training, auditing, consulting and rendering services and products for the purpose of compliance with this Regulation or any foreign data protection law or regulation having effect in Nigeria.

DPCOs are licensed to provide one or more of these services:

a) Data protection regulations compliance services for Data
Controllers and Data Administrators/Processors;
b) Data protection and privacy advisory services;
c) Data protection training and awareness services;
d) Data processing contracts drafting and advisory;
e) Data protection and privacy breach remediation planning and support services;
f) Statutory data protection audit;
g) Data protection impact assessment;
h) Data protection and privacy due diligence investigation;
i) Outsourced Data Protection Officer etc.

Let’s help you on your privacy program implementation and compliance journey.