Start-Up | Business Advisory

We believe that MSME’s and start-ups are the lifeblood of any ecosystem whether technological, financial or economic. We recognise the value to be harnessed from leveraging relationships with emerging outfits.

We are passionate players in this space, working daily with key incubators and growth hubs in Nigeria with the aim of unlocking the value in each business and idea. We also act as conduits and proper “access” to financial partners who are crucial to the growth of MSME’s and the ecosystem at large. Our clients draw from the depth of experience of our team members, know-how and relationships to achieve set objectives and scale to the next level.


We are students of market trends and emerging best practices, in all industries and regions, both locally and globally, with the emerging business space. We also engage with thought leaders on the most sensitive issues facing start-ups and emerging outfits in Africa.

We provide clients with advice and support on all aspects of their company requirements including; general business advisory and company secretarial, due diligence investigation, company law, corporate governance, other legal and regulatory requirements in relation to the client’s needs.

Some of our services include:

  • PBusiness Advisory;
  • PCapital raise/ Fundraising;
  • PCorporate Governance;
  • PCorporate Reorganization;
  • PCorporate Registration;
  • PRisk and Compliance;
  • PDue Diligence and Investigations;
  • PPost-Acquisition Integration