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DLT and Blockchain

Decentralization is the keyword in the global anthem for the fourth industrial revolution. Distributed Ledger Technology, most prominent being blockchain, is currently on the spotlight.

Democracy was easy to attain when just a handful of people were involved. What then happens when digitization turns the world into a global village? Answers to this and other questions on challenges in transfer of value heralded the dawn of the decentralized era.

Blockchain Technology

With blockchain as the building blocks, the “internet of value” can now function without the middleman. Currently, with a market capitalization of over one billion dollars, the DLT and blockchain space is expected to grow to at least 23 billion by 2023.

Institutional and private investors are betting millions on the potentials of the technology to disrupt every facet of life, from healthcare to government. This brings to the fore countless legal implications such as the status of tokens sold during an initial coin offering (ICO) or other crowdfunding on the blockchain, data privacy and protection, jurisdiction issues in case of a dispute, enforceability of smart contracts, crypto taxation and so on.

Whether you’re a startup, an established business, a family enterprise, a non-profit organization, or just an enthusiast looking to deploy blockchain-based solutions in the real world, we will capably help you navigate the regulatory maze. We are well aware that the legal practice area of DLT and blockchain law, also called lex cryptographia, is one that also encompasses corporate law, FinTech law, capital markets and securities, investments, contract and banking.

The sector undertakes the following:

  • Advise on friendly jurisdictions for incorporation.
  • Advise on corporate governance and appropriate business entity structure.
  • Advise on decentralized fundraising: TGE/ICO/STO/IEO.
  • Advise on token sale structuring.
  • Advise and drafting of legal opinion for project tokens.
  • Advise on decentralized justice and online dispute resolution (ODR) on the blockchain.

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