State of Tech Policy

Tech Hive Advisory, a tech policy advisory and research organisation with competence across the intersection of law, technology, and business, is proud to release a new report titled, ‘State of Tech Policy in Nigeria: Report on Legislations…..

Roundup of Data Protection in Africa, 2021.

Some countries are still yet to adopt a data protection law, leaving the citizens without much protection. Countries like Comoros, Eritrea, and Djibouti still lack a data protection law. However, there are efforts to enact a law in Ethiopia ….

The Intersection of Freedom of Expression Online and Protection of Personal Information

The report focuses on the relationship between two basic digital rights: the right to freedom of expression online and protection of personal information within the African context.

Digital Lending : Inside the Pervasive Practice of LendTechs in Nigeria

This report is based on an actual investigation using openly available information and open source tools. Our findings does not constitute a review of the legitimacy or otherwise of the practi…

Dark Design: The Art of Deception by Design

The proliferation of the internet has resulted in the digitization of a lot of services  leading to mundane services  being utilized online.