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Privacy and Security in Healthcare

Explore the basics, evolution and fundamental aspect of privacy and security. Explore the application of current data protection and cybersecurity laws and policies.

Who is it for?
The course is designed for professionals in healthcare sector, health tech team &
designers, HMO’s and other stakeholders whose activity could impact on security and privacy of patients.

What will I learn?
Participants will gain an understanding of: the key terms and concepts in data
governance, privacy and security program management, risk management, legal
compliance and information management.

1 day

Course Outline

Overview of privacy and data protection
Definition of key data protection terms
Principles and obligations
Actors, roles and responsibilities
Distinguishing privacy from security.
Processing sensitive personal data

Processing of data
Definition of processing, principles of processing and legal bases for processing of data.

Legal bases of processing

Data controller and processor
Defining the roles, obligations and relationship of controllers and processors
Notification & Reporting

Data protection policy and frameworks
How to develop policy and framework
Implementing framework
Policy fundamentals, awareness and training

Nigeria and global legal landscape for data protection
NDPR, GDPR, NHA, Cybercrimes Act, HIPAA, Convention 108+
Other sector-specific Laws and Regulations

Rights of data subjects
Describing rights of data subjects, application of rights, and derogations.

Basics of security
Record Management
Lawful processing
Record Retention: Retention Schedule & Policy
Trends in Healthcare
M-health, E-health, HER, telemedicine, IoT, A.I, ML e.t.c
Research and Ethics

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