Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner Course

Explore the basics of the how-to become and effective and efficient DPO, discharging your role and dealing with executive management and SA, managing and maintaining compliance.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for anyone who wants to broaden their basic understanding in the practical applications of data protection laws
and for those who has some existing responsibility for data protection within their organization.

What will I learn?

Participants will gain an understanding of: the role and duties of DPO in ensuring compliance; interfacing with the management and supervisory
authorities; designing an organization privacy policy and procedure; organizing training and awareness.



2 days

Course Outline

Overview of data protection legal framework

Key data protection concepts, principles and obligations

Actors, roles and responsibilities. Data subjects’ rights.

Processing sensitive personal data

NDPR, GDPR, Convention 108+

Introduction to privacy program management

Identifying privacy management and role of accountability

Introduction to data & privacy governance

Role of DPO. Interacting with organization

Aligning compliance with organizational strategy

Compliance consideration

Compliance requirement for processing, identifying legal basis for processing. Processing employee data, workplace privacy and surveillance & direct marketing.

Data Protection Contract management

Drafting and review of contract. Clauses

Training and awareness

Developing strategies for designing training, awareness and implementation

Information protection and management strategy

Developing security. Privacy by design & Default

Security by design

Incident response and notification

Planning and responding to data breach and incident, communication and notification of data subjects

Cross border data transfer

Adequacy decision. Safeguard mechanisms for transfer. Powers of NITDA & AG. Derogations.. Adequacy under the NDPR

Accountability & compliance demonstration

Considerations for appointing a DPO, role of DPO

Record of processing & evidence collection, data protection management system. Data Protection Impact Assessment and Policy & Procedures. Privacy Audit

The Supervisory Authority

Powers of NITDA. Supervision, enforcement action and sanctions. Cooperation with Supervisory Authority