Intellectual Property & Technology

The advancement in technology requires a well-considered Intellectual Property (IP) rights strategy to maximise the benefit of innovation, protect against illicit use, and create value for innovators.
We advise on the effective use of intellectual property rights and the intersection with technology. We provide unique insights on technology development and the exploration of inherent IP rights. We are avid supporters of open data and open access.


We appreciate the challenges of staying innovative and profitable. Our team works across borders and practice areas to advise providers and users on technology, outsourcing, information management, communications and mobility issues; designing compliance programs to protect critical business interests and using novel structures for new technology offerings.

We provide support and assist with: 

  • PIP identification and licensing;
  • PIP auditing and valuation;
  • PIP management;
  • PTrade Secrets;
  • PCopyright & Digital Media;
  • PBrand Management;
  • PTax Optimized IP;
  • PTrademark and Patent registration.