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Founders Guide on Agritech in Nigeria

Founders Guide on Agritech in Nigeria January 4, 2021

Innovation remains the bane of success in the 21st century. Thus, industries and sector specific startups are continuously using technology advancements as a leverage to ensure optimum productivity, efficiency and profitability. Nigeria is also not left behind in this trend with the steady rise of tech startups disrupting the Financial Services sector to the Agricultural sector, Property, Insurance, etc.

The ‘digitalization’ of the agricultural industry as well as other sectors has many negative challenges it would need to overcome. Issues such as cyber security and data protection, labor replacement, re-education and the risk of creating a digital divide between economies are the very reasons why it is important that this digitization process is guided by adaptable rules and regulations. For the purpose of this guide, only laws and policies that affect Agritech startups in their attempt to employ agricultural technologies in meeting local market needs would be highlighted.

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