Digital Health Hub

In an era where there has been an increasing need to provide a network of quality healthcare services for the maximum number of people across the world no matter where they are, the field of Medicine and healthcare has not taken a backseat in the technological revolution. While digital health is a promising and booming sector, stakeholders are saddled with challenges; heightening competition and growing legislative and regulatory complexity. At Tech Hive, we help our clients establish a comprehensive and fully integrated digital health presence and stay ahead of industry trends through insight-driven decisions, health care analytics and engagement solutions.

Through our high-impact consulting, we have supported various leading HealthTech companies expand their digital footprint. Our team of experts have submitted reports, memorandum and recommendations, on the laws and policies affecting digital health in Nigeria.

The hub provides support and helps with;

  • Identification of international and national digital health legislative and regulatory framework.
  • Provision of a clear and complete overview of related and sometimes conflicting regulations.
  • Operationalisation of privacy program and implementation of privacy framework.
  • Response to conflicting digital healthcare legislation.
  • Provision of research, insights and tools to enable maximum impact digital transformation by healthcare organisations.
  • Transformation of healthcare with a solid artificial intelligence governance
  • Development of policies, processes and procedures.
  • Conducting data protection impact assessment.
  • Facilitation of a strategic risk analysis.
  • Advise and support with the implementation of data protection-by-design.
  • Implementation of legal, technical and organisational digital health measures.
  • Prevention of unauthorised access to patient data, incident response plan, notifications and risk management.
  • Monitoring of the digital healthcare solution’s functionality and progress.
  • Provision of regular insights and legislative tracking on healthcare’s emerging trends.
  • Conducting human rights impact assessment.
  • Facilitations of training, education and awareness of privacy and security in health-care for private and public entities.
  • Keeping of health consumers at the core with insights, technologies and programmes.
  • Regular assessments and security tests on IT infrastructures, all types of (web) applications, medical mobile apps, medical devices and wearables, health-care housing (buildings).
  • Training and awareness on cybersecurity, data protection and the legal framework.
  • Implementation of security standards and solution.